War Against Antisemitism

A Declaration of War Against a Lethal Irrationality You have very likely heard about it by now, but for those who didn’t: Kanye West doubled down on his antisemitism and went as far as praising Adolf Hitler during a segment of Alexander Jones show (the conspiracy theoriest who denied the Sandy Hook shooting and was„War Against Antisemitism“ weiterlesen

Jewish Combatants in the Second World War

On January the 27th, 1945, the Soviet army liberated the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Wehrmacht unconditionally surrendered on May 7./8., 1945 – thus ending the reign of the national socialistic terror regime. On this occasion, I’d like to shed light on the brave Jewish combatants who fought side by side with the allies against the„Jewish Combatants in the Second World War“ weiterlesen