War Against Antisemitism

A Declaration of War Against a Lethal Irrationality You have very likely heard about it by now, but for those who didn’t: Kanye West doubled down on his antisemitism and went as far as praising Adolf Hitler during a segment of Alexander Jones show (the conspiracy theoriest who denied the Sandy Hook shooting and was„War Against Antisemitism“ weiterlesen

Interessante historische Persönlichkeiten – #002

In diesem Eintrag geht es um Georg Agricola, Aḥmad ibn Faḍlān, Ssuma Ch’ien und Moses Mendelssohn. Einer der bekannt wurde such sein Werk zum Berg- und Hüttenwesen, der andere ein Botschafter des Kalifen, der Vorletzte ein bedeutender Historiker Chinas und die letzte Person die ich in diesem Eintrag vorstelle war ein jüdischer Philosoph der Aufklärung.„Interessante historische Persönlichkeiten – #002“ weiterlesen

Taiwan: History from 1683-2022 and the Chinese-Taiwanese Conflict

In this blog entry, we will learn about the history of Taiwan from its annexation by China’s Qing Dynasty in 1683 to Taiwan’s vote on removing symbols of its authoritarian past in December 2017. As well as the current rising tensions between the two countries. Geogrpahic Location Taiwan, officially called the Republic of China (ROC),„Taiwan: History from 1683-2022 and the Chinese-Taiwanese Conflict“ weiterlesen

Sri Lanka – History from 1500 to 2022

In this entry, we’ll learn about the history of Sri Lanka from the 1500s when the Portuguese first set foot on the island in 1505 up until the recent protests when the presidential palast was stormed by protesters. Geographic Location Sri Lanka is an island country located in South Asia, officially known as the Democratic„Sri Lanka – History from 1500 to 2022“ weiterlesen

Jewish Combatants in the Second World War

On January the 27th, 1945, the Soviet army liberated the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Wehrmacht unconditionally surrendered on May 7./8., 1945 – thus ending the reign of the national socialistic terror regime. On this occasion, I’d like to shed light on the brave Jewish combatants who fought side by side with the allies against the„Jewish Combatants in the Second World War“ weiterlesen

History: Henrietta Swan Leavitt – The Woman Who Changed Astronomy

Currently, I’m reading the book „The End of Everything“ (by Katie Mack), there I found out about Henrietta Swan Leavitt and her contribution to astronomy. It inspired me to make this blog entry about Leavitt; here I lay down a short biography with her main work emphasized on and a honourable mention for the ‚harvard„History: Henrietta Swan Leavitt – The Woman Who Changed Astronomy“ weiterlesen

Interesting Facts (Proto)

In this new category, I write about various interesting facts (from historic to scientific ones, or whatever I may come across while researching about topics for longer entries or while reading). Today we learn about the rise of Sargon of Akkad and female soldiers in the Prussian army during the liberation war of 1813-1814. This„Interesting Facts (Proto)“ weiterlesen

Kazakhstan – From 1868 to 2019 and the Protest of 2022

In this entry, we’ll learn about the history of Kazakhstan from 1900 to 2021, the geographical location and what led to the current situation. Geographic Location Kazahkstan, officially called the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a country located in Central Asia.It shares borders with Russia in the North and the West, China in the East, and„Kazakhstan – From 1868 to 2019 and the Protest of 2022“ weiterlesen

History: John Brown – The Abolitionist

About 160 years ago, on the 2nd December 1859, John Brown was executed after an attempt to incite a slave rebellion through violent means. In this entry, we will learn about his life and how he became what he is now known for. Timeline In May 1800, John Brown was born in Torrington, Connecticut. His„History: John Brown – The Abolitionist“ weiterlesen

Confronting the Dark Chapters

Caput Coming to terms with the dark chapter of one’s country history is not always easy, but it is necessary. The memory must be kept alive in order to prevent history from repeating itself. From education to an open public discourse – both, and everything inbetween, is part of it. In German it is called„Confronting the Dark Chapters“ weiterlesen