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In Today’s Science News, we learn about the improvement of AI learning by adding variability as it already exists in the neurons of our brain; a new wireless wearable that can be 3D-printed and is useful for gathering health data; the impact of the Australian wildfire on the natives bees; and lastly, a bonus article„Science News“ weiterlesen

Science News

In today’s science news, we learn about the impact air quality has on office employee’s performance, the worsening vital signs of our planet and approaches to combat it, and finally how we benefit from a living fossil that lives in the waters of Michigan. Article Nr. 1: Office air quality may affect employees’ cognition, productivity„Science News“ weiterlesen


In this entry, I introduce you to three scientific reports and summarize each one of them. The first one is about microplastics in the Arctic Ocean, on the second place is a report on the larvae Protaetia brevitarsis seulensis and how it could be used as a future food source, lastly I’ll inform you about„3SRS-1“ weiterlesen

Science News

In todays science news you find out more about the origins of Covid-19, how the Antarctic is doing and what the plans for plant-based food is. Covid-19: Findings from the WHO Report, More Research still Required Nt-Date: 30 March, 2021 (Nature article)Et-Date: 10 June, 2021 (Blog entry) Summary: In late January and early February a„Science News“ weiterlesen

United Health Front – Tackling Misinformation

Misinformation about various health aspects – from diseases to treatments – have existed before the pandemic, but during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis the conspiracies and misinformation got worse. Especially due to public figures like the former President Donald Trump, but half-truths and uninformed opinions are damaging to the discourse as well. In order to combat„United Health Front – Tackling Misinformation“ weiterlesen

Science News

Covid-19 may be here to stay, according to an article from nature.How and why? These questions will be answered in this summary. Disclaimer: SARS-CoV-2 is technically still classified as a pandemic by scientists due to many people still being susceptible to it. If it were to become an endemic, the number of infections would become„Science News“ weiterlesen

Wissenszentrale/Centre of Knowledge

Eine weitere Idee von mir (Zweisprachig) / Another idea of mine (Bilingual)A very short blog entry Deutsch/German In Zeiten des Internets ist der Zugang zu Informationen beinahe unbegrenzt – doch dies gilt auch für Falschinformationen. Die Pandemie hat gezeigt, wie schnell sich diese Falschinformationen verbreiten können – entweder absichtlich von Verschwörungstheoretikern oder unbewusst von Individuen„Wissenszentrale/Centre of Knowledge“ weiterlesen

Science News

Effective approaches to reduce Covid-19 spreading and the consequences of decades of global nutrition transition which impacts both humanity as a whole and our planet in today’s science news. Article 1: Researchers examine which approaches are most effective at reducing COVID-19 spread Before you read, here’s an important aspect mentioned at the end of the„Science News“ weiterlesen

Science News

News from the Science World Study on Social Isolation during Childhood on Mice Date: 04/09/2020SD-Date: 31/08/2020Source: The Mount Sinai Hospital / Mount Sinai School of MedicineScienceDaily Summary: „Researchers have identified specific sub-populations of brain cells in the prefrontal cortex, a key part of the brain that regulates social behavior, that are required for normal sociability„Science News“ weiterlesen

Covid-19: Experimental vaccine safe, generates immune response

Date: July 14, 2020 (SD article)Date: July 19, 2020 (release of this article)Source: NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious DiseasesSummary of ScienceDaily: „An investigational vaccine, mRNA-1273, designed to protect against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), was generally well tolerated and prompted neutralizing antibody activity in healthy adults, according to interim results.“„Covid-19: Experimental vaccine safe, generates immune response“ weiterlesen