Regulation of the Financial Sector – Sustainability, Stability and Safety

One sector in the economy that benefited greatly from the digitization and globalization is the financial sector, that includes especially financial transactions on a national and international scale. While the benefits for said sector are clearly visible, a fair contribution in form of a tax to maintain the infrastructure is missing (a few exceptions being„Regulation of the Financial Sector – Sustainability, Stability and Safety“ weiterlesen

Climate Change – The Time to Act is Now!

The recently released IPCC report confirmed once more what a vast majority of scientists already have warned about for decades: human-made climate change. From more droughts in drier regions to floods in wetter regions, sea level rising due to the melting of glaciers and polar ice caps and increased hot weather extremes such as heatwaves„Climate Change – The Time to Act is Now!“ weiterlesen

Summary of the US‘ „National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism“

Introduction In this entry, I summarized Joe Biden’s plan to tackle domestic terrorism. If you prefer to read the whole document, you can find it here(PDF). Without any further ado, we shall now proceed with the summary. (Note: It’s the first time I summarized an English document.) Chapter I – Introduction The introduction begins with„Summary of the US‘ „National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism““ weiterlesen

Equality of Nations – II

Equality among nations means showing respect to the people, being aware of cultural differences, taking the environment into consideration and letting them actively shape their economy. In this entry, I present some thoughts of mine on the right approach. Respecting the People Respect, to me, means that the natives are not only given a voice„Equality of Nations – II“ weiterlesen

Reorganisation of the Capitalistic Production Process through Community-Owned Manufacturing Facilities

In the capitalistic process of production profit is a fundament, however, with the mindset of maximization of profit – which reigned for decades and still reigns – this can easily be the death sentence for goods that are needed but are not profitable enough to be produced. Modern technology could solve this issue and cover„Reorganisation of the Capitalistic Production Process through Community-Owned Manufacturing Facilities“ weiterlesen

New Patriotism

Patriotism can be expressed in various forms – some are easily noticeable (such as Ancient Patriotism) whereas others are more quitely expressed (such as civil patriotism). In the following entry I’m going to elaborate on my categorization and what connects all of these forms in a modern western/democratic nation. (Note: This blog entry is a„New Patriotism“ weiterlesen

Hearing the Voices: Episode 1 – Transgender

In the first episode of this new format, I interviewed two women from the transgender community. Five questions – five answers. (The interview was conducted via chat) Interview Nr. 1 Name: NikkiAge: Mid-20s Nationality: Swiss Interviewer: When have you noticed that your gender identity didn’t align with existing conditions? Nikki: „I noticed pretty early in„Hearing the Voices: Episode 1 – Transgender“ weiterlesen

AI-assisted Common Ownership (AICO)

If you follow the news, read some of my articles, or did both, you are very likely familiar with the failings and greed of human CEOs and management. And you are also aware about the expensiveness of the two factors I named above. Considering that more and more is being automated, wouldn’t it make sense„AI-assisted Common Ownership (AICO)“ weiterlesen

Political Scenario Simulations for Emerging Politicians (PSSEP)

In order to prepare new generations of politicians for the crises of the future, a political simulation designed by historians, economics, scientists and other experts may be the ideal tool to equip future politicians with the necessary knowledge and skills.(Another Political Idea of mine) Political and economical crises have existed for centuries, and global warming„Political Scenario Simulations for Emerging Politicians (PSSEP)“ weiterlesen

Curious Progress: How The First Female Mayor in the United States Got Elected

In celebration of the 134th Anniversary of her election Introduction Susanna Madora Salter was born on March 2, 1860, near the unincorporated community of Lamira in Smith Township, Belmont County, Ohio. Her parents were Oliver Kinsey and Terissa Ann White Kinsey, both were descendants of Quaker colonists from England. Timeline Unexpectedly Elected As the title„Curious Progress: How The First Female Mayor in the United States Got Elected“ weiterlesen