Sri Lanka – History from 1500 to 2022

In this entry, we’ll learn about the history of Sri Lanka from the 1500s when the Portuguese first set foot on the island in 1505 up until the recent protests when the presidential palast was stormed by protesters. Geographic Location Sri Lanka is an island country located in South Asia, officially known as the Democratic„Sri Lanka – History from 1500 to 2022“ weiterlesen

Death Blow to Minsk II – What Now?

At 9:05 pm Vladimir Putin officially recognized Luhansk and Donezk – both occupied by paramilitary pro-Russian forces since 2014. Whatever the governments in France and Germany hoped to achieve through diplomacy has utterly failed. So, the questions arises: What shall be done? Minsk II Before we move on to the question how to deal with„Death Blow to Minsk II – What Now?“ weiterlesen

Kazakhstan – From 1868 to 2019 and the Protest of 2022

In this entry, we’ll learn about the history of Kazakhstan from 1900 to 2021, the geographical location and what led to the current situation. Geographic Location Kazahkstan, officially called the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a country located in Central Asia.It shares borders with Russia in the North and the West, China in the East, and„Kazakhstan – From 1868 to 2019 and the Protest of 2022“ weiterlesen

Results of COP26, the Importance of Reducing Co2 and on the Future

Last week on Friday ended the climate conference in the UK. Here are the results summarized, as well as a steady reminder on the effect each tonne of Co2 has on the planet’s climate. We close the entry by talking about the future of cooperation and aid. Summary of COP26 Nearly 200 countries participated in„Results of COP26, the Importance of Reducing Co2 and on the Future“ weiterlesen

G20 Summit & COP26 – The UN Climate Change Conference

Today, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference begins. However, the leader of Russia – Vladimir Putin – and the leader of China – Xi Jinping – do not attend. I summarized the results of the G20 summit before moving on to the Climate Change Conference. The first being not very conclusive about the climate. The„G20 Summit & COP26 – The UN Climate Change Conference“ weiterlesen

Regulation of the Financial Sector – Sustainability, Stability and Safety

One sector in the economy that benefited greatly from the digitization and globalization is the financial sector, that includes especially financial transactions on a national and international scale. While the benefits for said sector are clearly visible, a fair contribution in form of a tax to maintain the infrastructure is missing (a few exceptions being„Regulation of the Financial Sector – Sustainability, Stability and Safety“ weiterlesen

Climate Change – The Time to Act is Now!

The recently released IPCC report confirmed once more what a vast majority of scientists already have warned about for decades: human-made climate change. From more droughts in drier regions to floods in wetter regions, sea level rising due to the melting of glaciers and polar ice caps and increased hot weather extremes such as heatwaves„Climate Change – The Time to Act is Now!“ weiterlesen

Summary of the US‘ „National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism“

Introduction In this entry, I summarized Joe Biden’s plan to tackle domestic terrorism. If you prefer to read the whole document, you can find it here(PDF). Without any further ado, we shall now proceed with the summary. (Note: It’s the first time I summarized an English document.) Chapter I – Introduction The introduction begins with„Summary of the US‘ „National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism““ weiterlesen

Equality of Nations – II

Equality among nations means showing respect to the people, being aware of cultural differences, taking the environment into consideration and letting them actively shape their economy. In this entry, I present some thoughts of mine on the right approach. Respecting the People Respect, to me, means that the natives are not only given a voice„Equality of Nations – II“ weiterlesen

Reorganisation of the Capitalistic Production Process through Community-Owned Manufacturing Facilities

In the capitalistic process of production profit is a fundament, however, with the mindset of maximization of profit – which reigned for decades and still reigns – this can easily be the death sentence for goods that are needed but are not profitable enough to be produced. Modern technology could solve this issue and cover„Reorganisation of the Capitalistic Production Process through Community-Owned Manufacturing Facilities“ weiterlesen