History: John Brown – The Abolitionist

About 160 years ago, on the 2nd December 1859, John Brown was executed after an attempt to incite a slave rebellion through violent means. In this entry, we will learn about his life and how he became what he is now known for. Timeline In May 1800, John Brown was born in Torrington, Connecticut. His„History: John Brown – The Abolitionist“ weiterlesen

Summary of the US‘ „National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism“

Introduction In this entry, I summarized Joe Biden’s plan to tackle domestic terrorism. If you prefer to read the whole document, you can find it here(PDF). Without any further ado, we shall now proceed with the summary. (Note: It’s the first time I summarized an English document.) Chapter I – Introduction The introduction begins with„Summary of the US‘ „National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism““ weiterlesen

The alternative Stimulus Check for the USA

In this entry, I’ll explain how I calculated the stimulus check and why I included the unemployment benefits as well. However, please note that it is a simplified version and that some modifications may have to be made to fully implement it. How it Started As it is with some of my ideas, they begin„The alternative Stimulus Check for the USA“ weiterlesen

Working Class of the USA, Mobilize!

The working class of the United States of America has been exploited for decades, and the current pandemic shows the cold truth crystal clear. Change is long overdue, and now more than ever the time is right to demand it. Temporary change is not the goal, it must be stamped in and leave a long-lasting„Working Class of the USA, Mobilize!“ weiterlesen

Adding my Two Cents

An opinion article on the night before the first results of the US-election Background I’ve been actively following US-politics since 2016, and during that time I also learned about the past of a country I once admired. From great deeds such as liberating Europe and my country from Nazi rule to misdeeds in countries like„Adding my Two Cents“ weiterlesen