AI-assisted Common Ownership (AICO)

If you follow the news, read some of my articles, or did both, you are very likely familiar with the failings and greed of human CEOs and management. And you are also aware about the expensiveness of the two factors I named above. Considering that more and more is being automated, wouldn’t it make sense„AI-assisted Common Ownership (AICO)“ weiterlesen

A Defense Force for Democracies – The Guardians of Democracy

In order to protect our civil rights, we have to protect the democratic system. We can only achieve it by being organized and vigilant. This article shall propose an organization dedicated to the preservation of said civil rights and our democracy. The organization shall act as a peaceful tool for the protection of democracy, civil„A Defense Force for Democracies – The Guardians of Democracy“ weiterlesen

Compact Holistic-Futurism

The main ideas of holistic-futurism summarizedA translation from the German version The 5 Fundaments of Holistic-Futurism Pro-Science: Without the progress in the sciences (from astronomy to zoology, and theoretical and practical mathematics), our modern world wouldn’t be possible. Hence holistic-futurism dedicates itself to spread the ideals of science, the scientific method and a basic understanding„Compact Holistic-Futurism“ weiterlesen

The Political Struggle of Holistic-Futurism

Neoliberalism has failed and the order of the post-world war 2 era is now falling apart in its entirety; a new era has begun and we are able to shape it. (In order to understand the title and philosophy behind it, it is helpful to read the article I wrote about the political struggle) As„The Political Struggle of Holistic-Futurism“ weiterlesen

Connect, Combine and Grow

Democracies only survive through the combined effort of the people in their battle against the anti-democratic forces – on a national and international level. However, that isn’t enough. We also have to strengthen and improve our democracy by relentlessly advocating for more active involvement (direct democracy, reduction of bureaucracy), transparency and easier access to education„Connect, Combine and Grow“ weiterlesen

Guardians of Democracy

Formation The Guardians of Democracy originated from my original idea of forming a network between various democratic institutions, democratic-minded political parties and other organizations/groups dedicated to educate, protect and/or extend democracy. It is a separate organization from Holistic-Futurism, but works closely together with it. The leader of the organization is called „Coordinator“. Important aspect are„Guardians of Democracy“ weiterlesen

The Council of the People’s Deputies (CPD)

Another political idea of mine Background In democracies, the people vote for a party which then represents them in the parliament, congress and/or other institutions. Depending on the system, either a coalition is formed, or a party has to get the majority of seats. However, it is not uncommon that politicians neglect their duty of„The Council of the People’s Deputies (CPD)“ weiterlesen

An Economy for the Future

In this blog entry and the attached PDF-file, I wrote about the failures of the current neoliberal system and what needs to be done to solve it (at least how I would start with the process of transforming it). Democratization and sustainability are a necessity. Facing Challenges The 21st century must be the century of„An Economy for the Future“ weiterlesen