Regulation of the Financial Sector – Sustainability, Stability and Safety

One sector in the economy that benefited greatly from the digitization and globalization is the financial sector, that includes especially financial transactions on a national and international scale. While the benefits for said sector are clearly visible, a fair contribution in form of a tax to maintain the infrastructure is missing (a few exceptions being„Regulation of the Financial Sector – Sustainability, Stability and Safety“ weiterlesen

Reorganisation of the Capitalistic Production Process through Community-Owned Manufacturing Facilities

In the capitalistic process of production profit is one cornerstone, however, with the mindset of profit maximization – which reigned for decades and is still dominant – this can easily be the death sentence for goods that are needed but are not profitable enough to be produced. Modern technology could solve this issue and cover„Reorganisation of the Capitalistic Production Process through Community-Owned Manufacturing Facilities“ weiterlesen

AI-assisted Common Ownership (AICO)

If you follow the news, read some of my articles, or did both, you are very likely familiar with the failings and greed of human CEOs and management. And you are also aware about the expensiveness of the two factors I named above. Considering that more and more is being automated, wouldn’t it make sense„AI-assisted Common Ownership (AICO)“ weiterlesen

Economy of Culture

Description: Another idea of mine regarding the economy, it builds up on previous ideas such as „An Economy for the Future“ and „Arbeiter sind keine Werkzeuge!“ (= Workers are not tools!). There are as many cultures on our planet as there are nations – if not more. However, despite the clear differences between cultures (i.e.„Economy of Culture“ weiterlesen

The alternative Stimulus Check for the USA

In this entry, I’ll explain how I calculated the stimulus check and why I included the unemployment benefits as well. However, please note that it is a simplified version and that some modifications may have to be made to fully implement it. How it Started As it is with some of my ideas, they begin„The alternative Stimulus Check for the USA“ weiterlesen

Taxation in a Holistic-Futuristic Economy

Due to the complexity of the actual issue, I’ll only be able to talk on a surface level which is why this entry is going to be quite short Introduction Taxation is an issue which is essential to any political system, therefore it comes to no surprise that I have to talk about it as„Taxation in a Holistic-Futuristic Economy“ weiterlesen

Scientification of Politics, Economy and Society

Definition: Scientification is the process of convergence to the sciences by supporting scientific institutions, the education on the scientific method, as well as other approaches which aim to explain the fundamental structure and provide basic understanding of the sciences. Reason: Despite the tremendous successes over the centuries, and even millenials, in science, it still seems„Scientification of Politics, Economy and Society“ weiterlesen

Workers Are Not Tools!

Note: The article at hand is an opinion and therefore may contain loaded words. It’s possible that entries like this one share some characteristics with, or are, polemic. Lastly, the article is translated from German to English („Arbeiter sind keine Werkzeuge!“). Elaboration The labour movement has now existed for over a century, and a lot„Workers Are Not Tools!“ weiterlesen

Economic Revival

Many regions in Europe have faced economic hardship even before the crisis, especially the Southern nations had to go through a lot of struggle. Greece, Spain and Italy may come into one’s mind when thinking about high unemployment and economic struggle. And, as the statistics show, it is a factual truth: Unemployment is not just„Economic Revival“ weiterlesen

Animal Kingdom – From Absolutism to a Constitutional Monarchy

Current Problems Despite progress in environmental and animal issues, there are still many things which yet have to be tackled and solved. Today, it is about animal rights, and why humanity should change their way of perceiving and treating wildlife, livingstock, and else. Intensive livestock farming and wet markets are two places in which animal„Animal Kingdom – From Absolutism to a Constitutional Monarchy“ weiterlesen