Regulation of the Financial Sector – Sustainability, Stability and Safety

One sector in the economy that benefited greatly from the digitization and globalization is the financial sector, that includes especially financial transactions on a national and international scale. While the benefits for said sector are clearly visible, a fair contribution in form of a tax to maintain the infrastructure is missing (a few exceptions being„Regulation of the Financial Sector – Sustainability, Stability and Safety“ weiterlesen

Animal Kingdom – From Absolutism to a Constitutional Monarchy

Current Problems Despite progress in environmental and animal issues, there are still many things which yet have to be tackled and solved. Today, it is about animal rights, and why humanity should change their way of perceiving and treating wildlife, livingstock, and else. Intensive livestock farming and wet markets are two places in which animal„Animal Kingdom – From Absolutism to a Constitutional Monarchy“ weiterlesen

An Economy for the Future

In this blog entry and the attached PDF-file, I wrote about the failures of the current neoliberal system and what needs to be done to solve it (at least how I would start with the process of transforming it). Democratization and sustainability are a necessity. Facing Challenges The 21st century must be the century of„An Economy for the Future“ weiterlesen