A Future Prospect – Humanity’s Potential

In this entry, I do not try to predict what may occur within our lifetime or even in the future several generations from now. It’s about a possible optimistic path humanity as a whole can take by solving our current problems which solutions we already have. The 2020s have just begun; doom and gloom scenarios„A Future Prospect – Humanity’s Potential“ weiterlesen

Compact Holistic-Futurism

The main ideas of holistic-futurism summarizedA translation from the German version The 5 Fundaments of Holistic-Futurism Pro-Science: Without the progress in the sciences (from astronomy to zoology, and theoretical and practical mathematics), our modern world wouldn’t be possible. Hence holistic-futurism dedicates itself to spread the ideals of science, the scientific method and a basic understanding„Compact Holistic-Futurism“ weiterlesen


Introducing my ideology which officially exists since the 1st January, 2020 (it has been in development since 2019) How did it come to the creation of a new ideology? I’ve been politically interested since mid-2014/2015, and during these five years I went from a peace-orientated pension reformer (2014-2016) to a social liberal (economically and socially„Holistic-Futurism“ weiterlesen

International Companies in the Future

A political/economic idea of mine regarding the future of multinational companies. Disclaimer: The ideas are still in development, and it isn’t as detailed yet, but in the future I’m planning to elaborate on them. It could be in a few weeks, months, or even take one year or more. Constructive criticism is welcome. Changing the„International Companies in the Future“ weiterlesen

An Economy for the Future

In this blog entry and the attached PDF-file, I wrote about the failures of the current neoliberal system and what needs to be done to solve it (at least how I would start with the process of transforming it). Democratization and sustainability are a necessity. Facing Challenges The 21st century must be the century of„An Economy for the Future“ weiterlesen