Equality of Nations – II

Equality among nations means showing respect to the people, being aware of cultural differences, taking the environment into consideration and letting them actively shape their economy. In this entry, I present some thoughts of mine on the right approach. Respecting the People Respect, to me, means that the natives are not only given a voice„Equality of Nations – II“ weiterlesen

Pandemic Prevention Net (PPN); Centers for Disease Containment, Control and Cure (CDCCC)

In the following entry, I’ll elaborate my political proposal to prevent future viruses from causing a pandemic (PPN) and, along with it, a facility that contains new and old viruses in a strictly controlled environment and is stronlgy funded to develop cures and treatments for diseases of various kinds (e.g. Malaria). The Pandemic Prevention Net„Pandemic Prevention Net (PPN); Centers for Disease Containment, Control and Cure (CDCCC)“ weiterlesen

Equality of Nations

In this entry, I will talk about my vision of a world with a different order. It’s going to be a rather short article, though. While it is true that some nations are both economically and in terms of populace greater than others, it doesn’t justify the exploitation of those which are weaker and didn’t„Equality of Nations“ weiterlesen

Legal Report on Uighurs: China breaches every Article in Genocide Convention

The Genocide Convention of 1948 The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (PDF), also known as Genocide Convention, was signed on 9 December 1948. It was the first human rights treaty adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations. In context of the Second World War, it signified the„Legal Report on Uighurs: China breaches every Article in Genocide Convention“ weiterlesen

Workers Are Not Tools!

Note: The article at hand is an opinion and therefore may contain loaded words. It’s possible that entries like this one share some characteristics with, or are, polemic. Lastly, the article is translated from German to English („Arbeiter sind keine Werkzeuge!“). Elaboration The labour movement has now existed for over a century, and a lot„Workers Are Not Tools!“ weiterlesen

The Future of Space Travel

Opinion on the future of space travel Introduction It is very likely that the majority of the readers already have read or heard about the successful SpaceX mission in cooperation with NASA to the International Space Station (ISS). Therefore, here’s only a very short summary: The Space Shuttle retired in 2011 SpaceX was founded in„The Future of Space Travel“ weiterlesen

International Companies in the Future

A political/economic idea of mine regarding the future of multinational companies. Disclaimer: The ideas are still in development, and it isn’t as detailed yet, but in the future I’m planning to elaborate on them. It could be in a few weeks, months, or even take one year or more. Constructive criticism is welcome. Changing the„International Companies in the Future“ weiterlesen

Die Zukunft Deutschland’s

Wenn ich an die Rolle meines Vaterlandes in der Zukunft denke, dann würde ein großes Gewicht auf internationale Völkerverständigung und einer wohlgepflegten europäischen Gemeinschaft legen. In dieser Zukunft spielt auch unsere eigene Kultur eine Rolle, selbstverständlich, und Völkerverständigung geht meiner Meinung nach am besten durch kulturellen Austausch. Mir ist natürlich bewusst, dass die Kultur meist„Die Zukunft Deutschland’s“ weiterlesen