Results of COP26, the Importance of Reducing Co2 and on the Future

Last week on Friday ended the climate conference in the UK. Here are the results summarized, as well as a steady reminder on the effect each tonne of Co2 has on the planet’s climate. We close the entry by talking about the future of cooperation and aid. Summary of COP26 Nearly 200 countries participated in„Results of COP26, the Importance of Reducing Co2 and on the Future“ weiterlesen

Equality of Nations – II

Equality among nations means showing respect to the people, being aware of cultural differences, taking the environment into consideration and letting them actively shape their economy. In this entry, I present some thoughts of mine on the right approach. Respecting the People Respect, to me, means that the natives are not only given a voice„Equality of Nations – II“ weiterlesen

Equality of Nations

In this entry, I will talk about my vision of a world with a different order. It’s going to be a rather short article, though. While it is true that some nations are both economically and in terms of populace greater than others, it doesn’t justify the exploitation of those which are weaker and didn’t„Equality of Nations“ weiterlesen