Equality of Nations

In this entry, I will talk about my vision of a world with a different order.
It’s going to be a rather short article, though.

While it is true that some nations are both economically and in terms of populace greater than others, it doesn’t justify the exploitation of those which are weaker and didn’t have a headstart.

The opposite should be the case: stronger nations should help those which are underdeveloped and help them in gaining more independence from aid programs until they are no longer required. This includes fair trade – treating the trade partner with respect and dignity.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Underdeveloped nations are still being exploited – from multinational corporations to their own corrupt governments. The west can introduce a change by stopping the first. That means more transparency and democratization of these corporations.

Human rights must also be adhered by in the private sector. No one shall reign over their employees like a tyrant.

The change won’t occur overnight, and it is going to take a while; however, on that front unions like the EU could set a positive example and end the practiced exploitation that went on for centuries.

Cultural respect shouldn’t be optional!

Equal treatment also means equal access – from vaccines to clean water. While the societies of western nations are not guilty of the colonial actions of their ancestors, they should recognize a form of responsibility to lift the poorer countries out of their misery.

Of course, some of the issues can only be solved by the natives. We, however, can fix those that are caused by us or heavily influenced by us – trade agreements and vaccine distribution, for instance. And if they need our assistance, then we should listen to them.

There’s much to do, and the first step is to recognize all nations as equal and act on that principle.

Addendum 1: More blog entries regarding Equality of Nations are going to be released. The first one serves as an introduction and conveys the core idea.

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  1. Dear, Mr. Baroque:

    You may find the book being written by Shira Destinie Jones, currently in the rough draft stage, to be of interest. She posts excerpts from the book on her Wondering Wednesdays series.

    Would you like me to leave a link to her blog?

    Best regards,
    Ranger Mayann

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