Reorganisation of the Capitalistic Production Process through Community-Owned Manufacturing Facilities

In the capitalistic process of production profit is a fundament, however, with the mindset of maximization of profit – which reigned for decades and still reigns – this can easily be the death sentence for goods that are needed but are not profitable enough to be produced. Modern technology could solve this issue and cover„Reorganisation of the Capitalistic Production Process through Community-Owned Manufacturing Facilities“ weiterlesen

United Health Front – Tackling Misinformation

Misinformation about various health aspects – from diseases to treatments – have existed before the pandemic, but during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis the conspiracies and misinformation got worse. Especially due to public figures like the former President Donald Trump, but half-truths and uninformed opinions are damaging to the discourse as well. In order to combat„United Health Front – Tackling Misinformation“ weiterlesen

Pandemic Prevention Net (PPN); Centers for Disease Containment, Control and Cure (CDCCC)

In the following entry, I’ll elaborate my political proposal to prevent future viruses from causing a pandemic (PPN) and, along with it, a facility that contains new and old viruses in a strictly controlled environment and is stronlgy funded to develop cures and treatments for diseases of various kinds (e.g. Malaria). The Pandemic Prevention Net„Pandemic Prevention Net (PPN); Centers for Disease Containment, Control and Cure (CDCCC)“ weiterlesen

Political Scenario Simulations for Emerging Politicians (PSSEP)

In order to prepare new generations of politicians for the crises of the future, a political simulation designed by historians, economics, scientists and other experts may be the ideal tool to equip future politicians with the necessary knowledge and skills.(Another Political Idea of mine) Political and economical crises have existed for centuries, and global warming„Political Scenario Simulations for Emerging Politicians (PSSEP)“ weiterlesen

Wissenszentrale/Centre of Knowledge

Eine weitere Idee von mir (Zweisprachig) / Another idea of mine (Bilingual)A very short blog entry Deutsch/German In Zeiten des Internets ist der Zugang zu Informationen beinahe unbegrenzt – doch dies gilt auch für Falschinformationen. Die Pandemie hat gezeigt, wie schnell sich diese Falschinformationen verbreiten können – entweder absichtlich von Verschwörungstheoretikern oder unbewusst von Individuen„Wissenszentrale/Centre of Knowledge“ weiterlesen

The Council of the People’s Deputies (CPD)

Another political idea of mine Background In democracies, the people vote for a party which then represents them in the parliament, congress and/or other institutions. Depending on the system, either a coalition is formed, or a party has to get the majority of seats. However, it is not uncommon that politicians neglect their duty of„The Council of the People’s Deputies (CPD)“ weiterlesen