Science News #013

In Today’s Science News, we learn about the Sixth Assessment Report of the IPCC, how CRISPR may have the key for a cure of HIV and the toll air pollution has on tropical cities. Article 1: IPCC’s starkest message yet: extreme steps needed to avert climate disaster Nature date: 5th April, 2022Et-Date: 10th April, 2022Summary:„Science News #013“ weiterlesen

The Scientific Lense: Vaccination and Vaccine Hesitancy

In this entry, we’ll learn about vaccination (through which phases a vaccine goes before it is approved and distributed) and how vaccine hesitancy can be tackled. The first topic has already been discussed on an article of mine (science news), therefore it is here an iteration of the section. Vaccine Clinical Trial Phases As I„The Scientific Lense: Vaccination and Vaccine Hesitancy“ weiterlesen

Pandemic Prevention Net (PPN); Centers for Disease Containment, Control and Cure (CDCCC)

In the following entry, I’ll elaborate my political proposal to prevent future viruses from causing a pandemic (PPN) and, along with it, a facility that contains new and old viruses in a strictly controlled environment and is stronlgy funded to develop cures and treatments for diseases of various kinds (e.g. Malaria). The Pandemic Prevention Net„Pandemic Prevention Net (PPN); Centers for Disease Containment, Control and Cure (CDCCC)“ weiterlesen

Healthline Europe

If the Covid-19 pandemic has shown me anything, then it is the lack of actual European solidarity. Italy and Spain suffered the most, yet help arrived very late. For me personally it was extremely frustrating, since I couldn’t do anything besides contacting my representatives in the European Parliament and write a Citizen’s enquiry to the„Healthline Europe“ weiterlesen