Science News #016

In Today’s Science News, we will learn about the key reason why loss of smell occurs in long-Covid, what may cause the Fermi bubbles and the scale of fungal disease in India.All three articles were rather short, that’s why the entry is short as well. Lastly, from now on I’ll also link directly to the„Science News #016“ weiterlesen

Science News #015

Today’s Science News will focus on SARS-CoV-2 and climate change; we’ll learn about a new development regarding the acceptance of Covid-19 vaccines, a new development on the origin of the virus and transmission as well as the impact climate change has on pathogens. Lastly, a note on this important topic as well. Article 1: Study„Science News #015“ weiterlesen

The Scientific Lense: Vaccination and Vaccine Hesitancy

In this entry, we’ll learn about vaccination (through which phases a vaccine goes before it is approved and distributed) and how vaccine hesitancy can be tackled. The first topic has already been discussed on an article of mine (science news), therefore it is here an iteration of the section. Vaccine Clinical Trial Phases As I„The Scientific Lense: Vaccination and Vaccine Hesitancy“ weiterlesen

Science News #011

In Today’s Science News, we learn about the impact mechanical tools have on our language skills, find out about an increase in storm activity in the North Atlantic and how social distancing measures in the spring of 2020 effectively curbed the pandemic in Germany. Article Nr. 1: Using mechanical tools improves our language skills, study„Science News #011“ weiterlesen

Inakzeptable Zustände

Von den kurzsichtigen politischen Strategien in Bezug auf den Klimawandel bis zu der unrechten Verteilung von dem lebensrettenden Impfstoff gegen Covid-19 – Zustände die zu Recht auf Empörung stoßen und Wut auslösen.Hier werde ich einige Themen ansprechen dessen Zustände mich extrem frustrieren, sowie Lösungsansätze von mir und offiziell formulierte (bzw. empfohlene Herangehensweisen). (Dieser Eintrag arbeitet„Inakzeptable Zustände“ weiterlesen

Science News #006

In todays science news you find out more about the origins of Covid-19, how the Antarctic is doing and what the plans for plant-based food is. Covid-19: Findings from the WHO Report, More Research still Required Nt-Date: 30 March, 2021 (Nature article)Et-Date: 10 June, 2021 (Blog entry) Summary: In late January and early February a„Science News #006“ weiterlesen

Operation ZeSaCo-2: Eine Nationale Impfstrategie

In diesem Blogeintrag werde ich meine Herangehensweise an eine nationale Impfstrategie erläutern. Hierbei steht ZeSaCo-2 für Zero Sars-Covid-2. Einführung Um den Virus SARS-Cov-2 effektiv zu bekämpfen bedarf es einer streng koordinierten und genauen Planung. Hierbei steht der Förderalismus, wie er in Deutschland herrscht, nicht zwangsläufig im Weg. Und desto schneller geimpft werden kann, desto schneller„Operation ZeSaCo-2: Eine Nationale Impfstrategie“ weiterlesen

Science News #005

Covid-19 may be here to stay, according to an article from nature.How and why? These questions will be answered in this summary. Disclaimer: SARS-CoV-2 is technically still classified as a pandemic by scientists due to many people still being susceptible to it. If it were to become an endemic, the number of infections would become„Science News #005“ weiterlesen

Science News #004

Effective approaches to reduce Covid-19 spreading and the consequences of decades of global nutrition transition which impacts both humanity as a whole and our planet in today’s science news. Article 1: Researchers examine which approaches are most effective at reducing COVID-19 spread Before you read, here’s an important aspect mentioned at the end of the„Science News #004“ weiterlesen

Science News #003

News from the Science World Study on Social Isolation during Childhood on Mice Date: 04/09/2020SD-Date: 31/08/2020Source: The Mount Sinai Hospital / Mount Sinai School of MedicineScienceDaily Summary: „Researchers have identified specific sub-populations of brain cells in the prefrontal cortex, a key part of the brain that regulates social behavior, that are required for normal sociability„Science News #003“ weiterlesen