Artifical Intelligence: Responsibilities and Approaches

The development of artificial intelligence has been going on for decades now, in the light of ChatGPT it seems to have outpaced humanity in the area of text, image and video manipulation. Naturally, it led to discussions over the ethical usage and ramifications on society. With surprising ease, anyone can use it and make it„Artifical Intelligence: Responsibilities and Approaches“ weiterlesen

Science News #014

In Today’s Science News we learn about a successful experiment regarding Moon soil, the newly taken photo of the black hole in our galaxy and, returning back to Earth, a technological development that allows for paper-thin loudspeakers (plus an article about ultrathin fuel cells which could have a significant impact on medical science). Article 1:„Science News #014“ weiterlesen

Science News #012

In Today’s Science News, we will learn about a new development in quantum technology; that our ancestors who lived over 100,000 years ago had a higher cognitive intelligence and how to recognize predatory publishers. (Important Addendum added) Article 1: Researchers set record by preserving quantum states for more than 5 seconds SD-Date: 2nd February, 2022Et-Date:„Science News #012“ weiterlesen

Culture, History and Modernity

An opinion on how the modern world, with its ongoing progress in technology, can help us in exploring the past and our cultures from all different perspectives across the different times of the past. Introduction The landscapes of our countries have changed over the long course of history – from the earliest communities in the„Culture, History and Modernity“ weiterlesen