Science News #010

In Today’s Science News, we learn about the improvement of AI learning by adding variability as it already exists in the neurons of our brain; a new wireless wearable that can be 3D-printed and is useful for gathering health data; the impact of the Australian wildfire on the natives bees; and lastly, a bonus article„Science News #010“ weiterlesen

Space Weather and the Modern World

Introduction When we think about threats to our modern civilization, many will point to terrorism, nuclear war, global warming, and else. However, due to the reliance on technology which drastically increased over the last decades, few may be aware of the threat which space weather poses to our modern world. In this article, we are„Space Weather and the Modern World“ weiterlesen

The Future of Space Travel

Opinion on the future of space travel Introduction It is very likely that the majority of the readers already have read or heard about the successful SpaceX mission in cooperation with NASA to the International Space Station (ISS). Therefore, here’s only a very short summary: The Space Shuttle retired in 2011 SpaceX was founded in„The Future of Space Travel“ weiterlesen