Economic Revival

Many regions in Europe have faced economic hardship even before the crisis, especially the Southern nations had to go through a lot of struggle. Greece, Spain and Italy may come into one’s mind when thinking about high unemployment and economic struggle.

And, as the statistics show, it is a factual truth:

Unemployment rate in member states of the European Union in January 2020
Source: Statista

Unemployment is not just an economic problem, but also a societal and individual. Behind the numbers are people whose struggle goes beyond the economy: hopelessness, exclusion (due to financial inability to participate in normal activities like going to restaurants), depression, etc.

In cases of long-term unemployment, political negligence, and several other factors, it can also result in higher crime rates and suicides. A result of hopelessness is also political radicalization, and/or a decreased participation in the democratic process (i.e. elections).

Return Jobs to Europe with the help of Automation

The solution not only to unemployment, but also more independence from countries like China, is by returning the production to European nations. With the help of automation the costs can be kept low, and within the borders of Europe a fair and equal treatment of workers can be guaranteed.

The new factories are then build in countries like Greece, Italy and Spain to create jobs. Unemployed who already have expertise and job experience can be quickly hired, others who lack the education should receive advanced education to gain the skills they need to fulfil their jobs. However, it is also important that the government – with financial aid of the EU – provides the infrastructure needed by investing in roads, schools, fiber optic cable (digitalization) and so on.

Financial security is also needed, and a strong social safety net ensures exactly that. Next to creating jobs, the occupations should also be maintained – which requires a strong focus on social objectives and an abolishment of profit maximization – and protected. My idea of a healthline Europe, which I explained in an earlier article, would need a stable supply of medical equipment and medicine which in turn is guaranteed through production in Europe. Along with the relocation of production, and hopefully the project of healthline Europe, other jobs are created through investment in green energies, sciences, and many other sectors – public and private.

Some European countries can also specialize in a certain branch and offer special schools and/or skill centres to the other nations.

Of course, the political plan to develope and implement the plan would need to be more detailed. This is merely the beginning of an idea.

A second part may follow to this article, or I add ideas to this one through addendums. In order to fully understand the entry, I’d recommed reading my other articles which focus on economy and politics.

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