Unity Through Continuous Exchange

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The Importance of Exchange

Exchange is always needed and occurs in differents forms: it can be done vocally on a conference, for instance; or information is exchanged digitally through emails. It’s obvious that our society couldn’t work without it, and neither would western democracies. However, as the past decades have shown, it does seem to be neglected and barely anything is done to change it. Consequently, the time to push for more exchange by the people may has come.

This time a lot more has to happen to ensure that the contact to the people doesn’t flatten out over a longer period of time. And luckily, the internet makes it easier than ever to communicate and talk with each other about politics, the economy, society, and other topics. Not just on a national level, but also on a global scale.
It is a golden opportunity to democratize the sysem further, and through the exchange with the different groups, certain issues can be fixed quicker and more effectively (since individuals within a community recognize the full extent of the problems their group faces).

Together instead of Side-by-Side

Exchange on a political level is important, but so is it in our society between the different groups (religious, ethnicity, occupational, etc.). There are already organisations and groups who advocate and support it, and there’s possibly already a basic structure on which can be build upon and expanded.

And as mentioned earlier, the internet allows for a greater freedom to discuss and talk with others, and it can be used here as well. Perhaps, a platform made for this purpose with clear rules which also coordinates events would be ideal.

Prejudices, on the other hand, could be dismantled this way and increase the understanding of each other. Next to the decrease to stereotypical thinking, cultural awareness could also be spread – both of the native and of immigrants. It’s a good way to avoid misunderstandings and adults/youths who want to go to another nation learn about no-goes as well as respectful behavior. Immigrants, on the other side, learn about the culture and country they immigrated to – thus accelerating the integration process and forming a new identity to identify with their new home.

All of these measurements combined brings the groups together and results in greater unity. Alongside the political exchange a lot of positive change can be achieved.

Well, that’s at least what I hope for.

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