Scientification of Politics, Economy and Society

Definition: Scientification is the process of convergence to the sciences by supporting scientific institutions, the education on the scientific method, as well as other approaches which aim to explain the fundamental structure and provide basic understanding of the sciences.

Reason: Despite the tremendous successes over the centuries, and even millenials, in science, it still seems to be seen as merely an academic field. Of course not unfoundedly, but that’s a flawed view which limits the potential of humanity.

A well-known example are anti-vaxxers; and as everyone was able to witness in the still present corona-crisis, the political sphere expects quick solutions from the scientific community and thus completely disregards the scientific method. For some it may also be confusing that different parameters are used (however, depending on the situation it is advantageous to use one over the other), or that there are seemingly contradictory statements from different scientists (the varying context and the overall uncertainty regarding SARS-CoV-2 requires to accept some degree of uncertainty, though).
The media (e.g. newspapers, online news websites) on the other hand seem to project some sort of competition or rivalry onto science, but that is fatal and has nothing to do with the scientific reality.

The First Step: This entry will only give a small insight into the scientific method, but hopefully contribute to the awareness. For an easier understanding, and to serve as some sort of entry point, here’s the scientific method displayed graphically:

In today’s news world the latter is mostly reported on, one reason is the pressure of time under which qualitative journalism suffers too. That’s not the only problem: it’s not uncommon that the results are presented in a sensationalistic manner in order to get as many clicks (hence clickbait) or sells as possible.
As someone who prefers articles from Spektrum der Wissenschaft, Science Daily and Nature I struggle from time to time to understand it fully (which is why I have to read it more than twice or focus entirely on the article). This rather complicated wording (due to the needed usage of technical terms and technical terminology) is difficult to „translate“ in a more simplified language which can be understood by all people. But it is not impossible.
And if everyone has internalized the scientific method, then the view on science will change as well.

Competition and dogmatic approaches have no place in science. It is about extending knowledge (curiousity as an incentive), moderater skepticism, and the willingness to cooperate. At least that’s the impression I’ve got from one decade of interest in science.

Lastly: the sciences won’t always give clear answers – or the answers one may like to have -, and it often takes a while until a clear result is available and a consensus formed. However, it is worthwile and must be calculated in. Even if the economy and politics demand definite actions, the pressure shouldn’t be succumbed to.

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