Tabellarius #002: Ukraine, Russia, Iran and the Armenian-Azerbaijan Conflict

The war in Ukraine continues, but the Ukrainians were able to take back a vast swath of their territory; meanwhile, in Russia, Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilization which was met with resistance; in Iran, the Iranian women take on the street to protest against their theocratic government sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini;„Tabellarius #002: Ukraine, Russia, Iran and the Armenian-Azerbaijan Conflict“ weiterlesen

Death Blow to Minsk II – What Now?

At 9:05 pm Vladimir Putin officially recognized Luhansk and Donezk – both occupied by paramilitary pro-Russian forces since 2014. Whatever the governments in France and Germany hoped to achieve through diplomacy has utterly failed. So, the questions arises: What shall be done? Minsk II Before we move on to the question how to deal with„Death Blow to Minsk II – What Now?“ weiterlesen