Tabellarius #002: Ukraine, Russia, Iran and the Armenian-Azerbaijan Conflict

The war in Ukraine continues, but the Ukrainians were able to take back a vast swath of their territory; meanwhile, in Russia, Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilization which was met with resistance; in Iran, the Iranian women take on the street to protest against their theocratic government sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini;„Tabellarius #002: Ukraine, Russia, Iran and the Armenian-Azerbaijan Conflict“ weiterlesen

Interessante historische Persönlichkeiten #001

In diesen Geschichtseinträgen stelle ich Individuen aus aller Welt vor. Als Einführung gedacht, werde ich nicht genau ins Detail gehen (dafür ist die Kategorie „Geschichte: [x]“ oder „History: [x]“ da), falls Ihr Interesse aber geweckt wurde kann ich mit den Quellen dienen und manchmal auch mit Büchern die ich entweder gelesen habe oder noch vorhabe„Interessante historische Persönlichkeiten #001“ weiterlesen

Death Blow to Minsk II – What Now?

At 9:05 pm Vladimir Putin officially recognized Luhansk and Donezk – both occupied by paramilitary pro-Russian forces since 2014. Whatever the governments in France and Germany hoped to achieve through diplomacy has utterly failed. So, the questions arises: What shall be done? Minsk II Before we move on to the question how to deal with„Death Blow to Minsk II – What Now?“ weiterlesen

Working Class of the USA, Mobilize!

The working class of the United States of America has been exploited for decades, and the current pandemic shows the cold truth crystal clear. Change is long overdue, and now more than ever the time is right to demand it. Temporary change is not the goal, it must be stamped in and leave a long-lasting„Working Class of the USA, Mobilize!“ weiterlesen